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F*ck off

Man it’s so great I love getting to read half a story and being told to f*ck off if I don’t pay it’s so orgasmic

I can’t click anything

I hate this app


This is a scam for your money. You don’t get to finish the story unless you pay.


Why can’t I just read the dag on story without having to pay to see some pics that ARENT EVEN REAL!!! and then I can’t even continue the story!!!


Thots not there

I don’t like it at all

Don’t like it


It’s stupid and you can’t pick what you wanna read

Not working properly

I purchased the subscription but I can’t see any of the pictures. I don’t know what the problem is.


Keeps telling me to buy a free trial. Cool story’s but I still don’t like it

Blank pictures

Subscribed and in some stories the pictures don’t show up it’s really annoying

Don’t get this app

1.) On other apps they will give you a week long trial these people give you 3 days 2.) When the story gives a picture you can’t even see it it’s just a black screen 3.) This is just a busted down version of HOOKED but waaaayyyy crapper smh 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️


I’m not going to pay $5 a week to read fake stories. That’s ridiculous!! The first story was getting really good and now I can’t read the rest. I can’t stand these types of apps that just want to make people money instead of making people happy. Deleting the app after I write this review.


Cheap tacky juvenile stories. Delete!

It’s okay

I like the app but it’s annoying when the story gets good and all of a sudden it’s over! The stories are very short and disappointing! Wish the stories were longer!

You want us to pay for this?

Not paying for an app that literally just tells text message stories. Don’t click bait and make it seem free then charge $4.99 a week! I want to read the stories but not going to waste my money on it


Lame. You get far into the story and they want to to pay .....

What’s going on?

I don’t really like this app...I tried to read a new story but it wouldn’t even let me until I finish the one when I got this app, it also didn’t let me finish the story because I’m not subscribed or have premium so I couldn’t even finish one, I definitely do not like this app much at all.I DO NOT RECOMEND GETTING THIS APP, this app just wants you’re money, I was so into the story but it just basically cut me off like it was saying “pay up if you wanna read more.” This app is the worst thing I’ve had, I rather have hooked, so basically what I’m trying to say is, I hate this app more then I hate my self, If I could I would give this app 0 stars, but for now, I hate this app with all my might and passion.


It is a horrible app!!! I got sucked in to reading and when it got to a good part it said “to move on you need to pay”.😡😡😡If I could I would give it 0 stars😡

The worst

Why let me read half a story then cut me off atleast give the first story for free or something. THE APP ISSNT WORTH THE TROUBLE

Read it boo👎🏽

It doesn’t let you choose the genre you want it automatically says you have to read this first you don’t get to choose.

No pictures

The pictures do not show even though I’m subscribed.


This was all good until I had to pay money to see picture texts or even pay to finish my first story all the way through. We shouldn’t have to pay to read stories...

Terrible App

This is a terrible app! An ad pops up every time you tap on the screen. Once the user says they do not want to purchase or move forward with a free trial, it should go away. This is a poor user experience.

Image problems

Images won’t show or anything

Don’t waste your time

They just want your money. There are too many short story apps out there, it’s not worth paying for one! Downloaded and deleted in one day.

Awesome stories

It’s interesting very intense stories guys. I recommended it.


Forget trying it before you buy. The app spams you with constant requests to subscribe. It’s spam. Deleting

Don’t get this

You start reading it then it stops and you have to buy something to finish reading it it has NO timer

I dislike this app

I dislike this app because at the middle of it it asks to rate it but then at the end it says that you have to pay to keep reading. I also dislike how it leaves you on something interesting and stops you to make you pay. This is why I always wait a little bit to rate the app.


As of now I am extremely frustrated because the stupid app won’t let me get through the story cause each time I try a thing comes up and I can’t pass it without paying money! I am super mad and I won’t like this app until that goes away don’t get this app and protest against this they need to change it😡😡😡

The app would have been cool if it wasn’t for the you have to pay part

The app starts with an emotional story, and when you can’t stop reading and you are excited about it you have to pay to keep reading, so basically you are downloading this app for reading half a story and the remove it from e your iPhone. Very disappointed. Maybe they fix that 👎

Very persistent

Sounded like a good app, and it was for about 30 seconds. It immediately asked for my feedback even though I didn’t think I had had the app long enough to give feedback. I barley got into the first story (which I didn’t get to choose) it kept asking me to become a member and I had to hit ‘no thanks’ three times before it let me continue. This happened three times until I was unable to hit no thanks and continue with the story. Do not recommend.


I can’t finish reading the story I was trying to read every time I quick it says I need to subscribe🙄


I downloaded this “free” app and started to read one of the stories. Just as the story is getting to be best part, the app prompts you to either start a “free 3 day trial” or pay $4.99 a week. What a scam. Extremely disappointing and frustrating. Not only is this a ripoff, it was also a waste of my time.


You can only read part of one story and of course the part you can read is the boring part and right when you get an interesting part you have to give your credit card information to continue the story or find another one but unless you do that you are stuck with half of one story.

Bad bad bad bad

I hate this app because it is to expensive h💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩 this app is shitttttttttttttttt poooooooooooop🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮👎🏻👎🏻🤦🏻‍♀️🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 very bad

I’m sorry this is how I feel

So they gave you a story to read right and then I want to finish it but I have to pay like 20.00 just to get to the other stories this is a ridiculous app no offense to the makers but fix it then I will get it again actually I won’t


How can I cancel my subscription?

No free reading

I don’t like that there isn’t a way to read these stories without paying for it. There should be a timer for regular reading and the subscription should allow you to do more


Just don’t waste your time on this app, trust me guys it’s useless and annoying the app will get you to like a story then when you are really into it , the app will ask you to pay to continue reading it. So yeah it’s really annoying and useless. Have a good day, and don’t download this*****


I honestly hate this. They give you one story and then you have to pay. I was very excited to download this but as soon as I did I was disappointed . I have have deleted the app . It’s a complete waste of my time.

Stories not worth it

The first story was intriguing. I did the free trial hoping to be entertained by more. I read 8 stories and only one didn’t make me roll my eyes. I would much rather take my $5 a week and put it something worth reading.

READIT App not working!

I purchased a subscription for this app and can’t get past the loading screen. I’ve been trying to contact tech support but no one has gotten back to me. Very unprofessional. Definitely would not recommend this app!

It’s Great!! But...

I really like this app, and the stories are great!! The only flaw is that I paid to be able to see all images of that the stories provide, but every time I clicked on an image, it would show up as a blank screen. Other than that I really enjoyed the app!!

Just a few things to fix

So I LOVE the app but do u have to start me off on a story? Not trying to be rude but I’m just saying I’ve read “the incident” like yesterday and I’m just wondering if u could fix that bc on my screen there’s nu possible way u can get out of that story! On my iPad it would let me get out and starts me off on PICKING a story! But on my phone (what I’m using now) it wouldn’t let me get out without subscribing and I’m just saying that RLLY annoying I deleted it literally 3 times I actually counted!


This app is no good.this app is also a very big waste of time

Don’t get me wrong..

I like the idea but not so much the stories and UI. Some stories are decent but too many were poorly written. The UI..I NEED A BETTER WAY TO SORT THROUGH STORIES!! I’m sick of scrolling, scrolling and scrolling to find where I left off each time I restart the app! HOW ABOUT SOME BOOKMARKS???


Can’t see the picture message even when I paid

Poor writing

Too many mistakes in writing to enjoy reading.

Worst and most pointless app ever

Literally, as soon as you're about to get to the exciting part of the story, it says you have to pay. And won't let you finish the story until you do. The ACTUAL worst.

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