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This app is trash

You can only read half the first story then you can’t read anymore and if you want to read you have to pay five dollars I recommend you don’t get this app it is a rip off and very not worth it I would rather you cliffhanger and hooked

HORRIBLE- money stealer

I was charged for OVER A MONTH for this app and I deleted it within the first week I had it. I did not purchase a thing yet was charged for almost 40 dollars.


When I first got the app, it was fine, until it forced me to pay to continue on. It forces you to pay for the stories, to remove ads, premium this and that. Totally not about that, really bad wouldn’t recommend to buy. You can’t even cancel the “subscription”

Is kinda boring cliffhanger is better😕

Cliffhanger is better

Didn’t even finish 1st Story

DON’T DOWNLOAD! Terrible app! I got the app. Opened it. It started telling me the story and stuff. I’m not even done and it asks if I want to do premium or pay whatever. It’s $5/week! I click to continue reading the story, but the premium pop up came up again. It wouldn’t let me do anything except for paying for premium.


I like this app a lot, but I wish you could search for specific stories, and list the top stories separately.

Aggressive much?

App keeps trying to force me to turn on notifications and the pop up is constantly interrupting me while I read. Super annoying!!🙄


I was on the opening story and I can’t get it to work. Anytime I try to continue it try’s to get me to buy stuff. It won’t let me go on.

Only 1 problem

It’s really good but it has one problem which is the energy.

Terrible worst app ever don’t get it

It was ok at first it was a little sexist and then it wouldn’t let you read until you payed I didn’t

I like it but...

I like it but I wish I could write my own stories :/


Ok so why do you have to pay money?AND ITS FOR THE FIRST STORY YOU READ. Every time I go see what’s next I have to pay money WTH!!!


The stories are amazing and keep me glued.❤️


It just loads you with ads, like “join our subscription for five dollars per month” then I hit no, “ are you sure?” I think I’m sure and the only way I can use it is by using push notifications. Fix this please


They always advertise free free. Then you read a story and you can’t continue because they keep asking you to pay $5 per week !!!!!! What kind of greed is that !!! Put advertisements between stories for people that don’t wanna pay this was you still make money and have people keep your app!


This App is good but it was sketchy like a sketch ball


It charges you 5 dollars a week and doesn’t say that it is going to do that


Why does it say read stories for free but yet it asks to pay for subscription to continue reading? Well I guess I’ll be deleting this app. I’m not paying $4.99/week to read text messages.

Great hooking booking

It’s so good and you get hooked fast! That’s how they get you in they let you read to a certain point then BOOM PURCHASE it now!


The stories are good, but $4.99 a week is expensive for an app. I just downloaded the app and read to a certain point for like 5 minutes and it already wants me to pay for a subscription, which is sad, I feel like they should at least charge monthly, or let you read one story completely for free to get a feel of the app and how they’ll end the stories.

Good story but price is too high

I loved the story but couldn’t even finish the first one. And $4.99 a week is ridiculous. I deleted the app.

Boo. Not well written at all.

I really dislike this app.


It just forces you to pay money before you read a full story


It is bad enough you have to pay to see he pictures, but half way through the story it kept pulling a bunch of ads to it and saying I have to put notifications on, so I did and then it said the only way to continue was to pay money, really stupid if you ask me. I am just gonna still to ready these story’s online and not use this horrid app


Amazing stories!!!!

The app “Read It” is terrible

The app”Read It” is terrible because for 1 you start reading this story that first starts and you get all hooked on the story and all of a fûckin sudden it says “Free trial” and you can only have a free trial for a week than after a week you have to pay to read stories and it cost 5 DOLLARS! FIVE FREAKING DOLLARS!!!!! This app is absolutely retarted and the only reason I like it is cause it has good stories. Why can’t apps just let you do what you want for free like my god🙄


I was reading a story and it keeps showing things!

How do i cancle my services

How do i cancle my services

Not everyone has to use their credit cards in itunes

If you say its free then it should be. I'm sick of this app trying to get my money


Better than u think


Don't get the app because I got a little bit into my first story and I was very excited but then it wouldn't let me read anymore it only said to buy things to finish reading. Then I got really MAD😡😡😡.

💵 money doesn’t grow on trees

K so this is an awesome app, and I loved the first story and all. But it’s kinda crummy to make people pay 5 dollars to read text messages and story’s that you made up. This seems like the kind of app you pay 2 dollars and get all the story or 5 for all but forcing users to pay 5 dollars a week is honestly stupid, and that is why I’m deleting this app

I don't like it

At the beginning of useing this at it was cool. Then as I keep reading it started making me pay.


I have only been playing this of a hour and I love it


Im not going to pay to not even be able to read the first half of the FIRST STORY! This is stupid!!

Awwww man if only there was a zero star option

I hate this app and so do others. You can literally only ready part of one story without having to pay and you can only read one story. WORST. APP. EVER.

1 problem

Goood Stories! I just hate the fact you need to pay just to read


great!!! no ads

Unnecessarily obnoxious

I literally just downloaded this app and am already writing a review. Like, I started reading the first story it prompted and it was okay. Mediocre story telling at best. But in order to enjoy it more you have to pay a subscription. Eh, okay. Gotta get money somehow. But now the story wont let me continue unless I allow it to send notifications for future content. It's absolutely adamant about something so UNNECESSARY. If I don't want to authorize notifications then I'm not going to. F*** off with that.


No offense but I hate this game because you cant finish the story and that’s dumb and it keeps popping up like buy the rest the story or photos for 50% off and that gets annoying

I love ᴛʜɪs ᴠᴇʀʏ ᴍᴜᴄʜ !!!!!

5is is my first time looking at the texting and if you can make more please tell me and give me a credit card because I try to get to watch other things and u to


I’m so tired of these text story apps making you pay just to finish something. I get the free trial thing but not everyone wants to do a subscription for these stories. Like paying should be for pictures and videos.


How do I take my info off of this app and not get charged??

rubbish app, force the customer to pay with no more option

When it comes to an option, it’s okay to do so. When you are forced to pay to continue the beginner tutorial, after you download the app for less than a minute, you will go freak out definitely. When the beginner open the app for the first time, everything he click will guide him to payment page.🙂when I read the story, it bumped up more than 10 times. Interesting, to pay or to delete, I choose to delete it.👋never use the app developed from this company either.

Too many glitches

This app will not let me click on the books/story’s it will just glitch and leave the app


bro why can't i pick my own story when i downloaded this app i was talking to some dude named andy talking about his dead brother or sum, like i wanted spicy cheating stories i wanted to beat a hoe up but now i gotta listen to this depressed dude. please stop

Couldn’t even read one full story

Couldn’t read a full story before it blocked you from going any further and asking you to pay.


If I could give a review with no stars I would. You can’t even get through the first story without it automatically making you pay. I’m sorry but there is no way I’m signing up for a free “week” just so you can charge me after I cancel it, and then claim you never got the cancellation. This could’ve been a great app, but you’re to dang money hungry. You should give people time to check out the app without having to sign up for anything. Such a rip off.

Why did dr. Susie’s die

Hi I’m Jayden and I am saying this I’m serrios

Only one bad story

This story is annoying and boring and no matter how many times I reinstall the app, I can’t read the actual good ones. It repeats the same garbage.

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