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Great storyline



Too cliche

Boring !

All they want is $$

Don’t get it all they want is your money.


Why would you say the app is free when clearly to use the app it’s not free. Ripoff if you ask me 😒


So I downloaded it and the first story was cool and stuff but there was a free trial add every 2 seconds, so once I got done with the story it said I gotta pay $5 a month to read any other stories?! It’s misleading thinking your gonna read some cool stories for free “hint hint apps free” and then you gotta pay. They might as well make this app $5. Tbh I don’t even think it’s worth that much especially every month. If your reading this just go download the app “Yarn” it’s the same thing, but free and with better stories I’m guessing.

not a good app

wth is it i would give it no stars b cause you have to pay for it like what if your gonna have to pay for it then why don’t you just put it so that when you download the app it says you have to pay for it cause this isn’t right you can’t even see the pictures .

Don’t waste your time

I downloaded this to pass the time during breaks and was only able to read one story part of the way ( not to mention each time a pop up would appear trying to get me to purchase the full version for 4.99) and couldn’t even get to the end of the story because the pop up would just keep coming back and wouldn’t let the story go further. I couldn’t even exit to try to read another story. It just kept coming back to the same, half read story and pop up. Waste of time and energy.

Absolutely terrible!

This app seems so good! I start to read the story and get to the good part then they ask me to pay to keep reading like🙄. So I hit no thanks and then it wouldn’t let me read on🙄 there are different apps like this that are better and don’t make you pay sooooo I don’t recommend this what so ever and if I could I would give it no stars but it won’t let me

Can’t read the rest of the story

I was playing this and it cut me off. I came back and the timer was less then a minute. I came back about thirty minutes later and I still can’t read it.


It’s dumb

I hate it

When I first got this app I was happy to start reading mystery and horror stories. So I wasn’t really into the book until the middle of the story the last text I saw was really interesting and I didn’t want to stop reading and once I saw that text i was pressing the screen and it said that I had to pay to continue reading I though it was like all the other apps like yarn and hooked when you only have to wait like and hour or so I waited till the next day and I pressed the screen and it still said that I had to pay this app is a total rip off I’m going to give this app one star but if I could zero


I like this game, but there’s a problem. The texts sometimes have bad words. So that is a problem

Read it

App Is not really free. Won’t let me read certain things!

I like it

Me gusta mucho la app!!


I have never wrote a bad review but this app gave me half of an amazing story and when i got to the climax it asks me to pay $4.99 A WEEK to keep reading. This is awful i got the app because it looked cool in an add but i would not recommend this app to anyone because no way is it worth $4.99 a week. An awful money maker.


It gives you one story that you didn’t even get to select and it doesn’t finish the story and then it makes you pay for a subscription. Unless you want to waste your money don’t download.


I was into the story until I got a pop up saying I had to pay to finish reading the story. That was a major turn off. Next time why not let us finish an entire story before asking for money to read the next. I would have been more motivated to pay, but just cutting me off was misleading and a turn off.

Dumbest app

A book is a one time fee. In the middle of each chapter, the author doesn’t stop you and ask you to pay to finish it. What kind of bs app is this???? I can’t even finish the introduction story because READIT charges $5 A WEEK? I pay $5 a month for APPLE MUSIC AND I GET ALL THOSE SONGS FREE. Make the app cost money, the stories are free. Anything else is just overly expensive and unnecessary. Deleted the app real quick.


Let me start off by saying, if I were able to give this app zero stars, I would. I absolutely hate when apps get you into it and get you excited about it, then cut you off right before the best part. I had started reading a story on this app, and at first I wasn’t too interested in it. Finally, I got to where I didn’t want to stop reading. When I finally got to where the best part was going to be, the app was like, “sorry, now you have to pay”. Basically, I downloaded the app to read half of a story, write a review on how crappy the app is, and then delete it. Also, I HATE how they put a notification a short ways into the story asking you to rate it. Now, most people would just pick 4 or 5 stars because they figure, “why not, this app seems pretty cool”, and then they get cut off and leave their rating high. I, on the other hand always wait to rate. I make sure there are no hidden schemes to take your money before I rate. This is why I rate this app one star and I hope people read this and change their mind about downloading this app. It is a waste of time and storage. If these problems get fixed, I might consider downloading the app again. But, until then, I hate this app with a passion.

Good story/ paying

I did enjoy the story until I found out I had to PAY for the stories to read that was annoying I hope they change this

What a way to treat your users.

Downloaded, installed, opened, got hooked up with a story, saw I had to pay to finish the story, uninstalled. Suggestion: Make people pay money for longer stories or exclusive ones, else you will loose some readers, including myself.

Can’t see pictures

I subscribed but when I tap to see the pictures it doesn’t appear it’s just yellow


How do u get to the other stories?!? 5 dollars a month hell no


I read half of one story and then it said I have to pay before I can do anything else and it keeps on giving me a notification saying to keep read every minute!!

This is horrible

As soon as you get into a story you can read it a little bit angry and then you have to pay to read the rest in you can even get to any other stories so I would suggest not even spending your money on its worst then other apps that I’ve had that I could read on it’s just horrible


I have tried to unsubscribe multiple times and it is still charging me how do it fix this? It’s a good app just not what my daughter wanted.

The best game ever



Seriously have to make a subscription to read more stories?? How am I supposed to pay for that I’m only a kid

The Incident

It was a good book or whatever but it wouldn’t let me read any other books


Holy crap the first story is gonna give me nightmares for week I defiantly recommend


It was good at 1st I read the story it then got to the good part and said I had to pay... okay cool I did. It still want let me read the rest though. 0 out of 10 points for this app.

Rip off!

Don’t waste your time on this app unless you wanna spend $20 a month! Yeah... $4.99 a week! They start you out reading a story and ask you how you like the app so far, so you rate it decent not knowing that as soon as you finish the chapter you’re reading you don’t get to continue unless you sign up to pay $4.99 a week! What a scam. Negative stars is what this app needs.


You literally get to read about a minute of a story! Then you have to pay to read more! I hate this app and don’t recommend downloading it!


I read half of one story, and right when it gets to the good part, an ad pops up asking for me to pay! I can’t choose any different stories, nothing!! So basically if you don’t pay, all you get to read is half a story! I recommend if you don’t want to waste money, don’t get this app! Because you’ll only get to read pat of a story!!!

Worst app ever

Gives you one story (the incident) and pops up a page every second for you to subscribe. Do not instal!!!!!

It's not free

Give me ads I need free. Other story apps are free.

The dead one

A little boy who was in the hospital yesterday he said his dad is going on drugs because they don’t have anything else for them to take care of and then we will go get some stuff done before I come home I’ll see how things went out there

Dose not let you pick story

I can’t pick even 1 story

Awesome app

This app does a so fun


its ight

Where’s the rest of the story??

DON’T GET THIS APP!!! READ THE REVIEW!!! This app is stupid compared to others like Yarn. Yarn has a timer AND you DON’T have to subscribe and pay money to the app whereas on this stupid one you HAVE to pay to continue your story AND to read other stories😡🙄 I am not only annoyed by that but their story’s could improve. I didn’t understand the first story by when they say he “doesn’t have a tongue” like what the heck?? I give this app 1 star because it could use some major improvements. 😑


It’s like right at the beginning they have you read some of the story and then they want you to pay to read anything else


There is absolutely no reason why this app should cost $4.99 a week.

After the wait

It stoped working it kept saying the trial thing I love the app but this was the first story


This chat story app is horrible. I was reading the first story that popped up and it was actually really good. Until I was stopped, I was very confused that there wasn’t a timer or something like Hooked and Yarn have. Then to progress I had to start a free trial and pay $5 a week!! For chat stories, which is ridiculous. The only reason this has a 1 star is because the starting story was really good and I wanted to know more about it. To be honest though I would still have the app ( deleted it after writing this) if you had a timer!! I wouldn’t mind having to wait like 20 minutes to continue reading my story.

Yarn is better

I hate it yarn is better no offense

i don’t recommend this app

this app seemed really fun because i love apps that have stories like yarn hooked etc. but this app stinks!just when the first story got to the good part it stopped me and made me have to pay.i was trying to click different things but it kept on popping up!! so annoying. don’t get this app!😡😡




only let’s you read one and you have to buy the rest!!!

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