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The app was awesome!! The stories really spooked me but we’re pretty fun and interesting to read!!

It’s very nice

I thought it was free lol but besides paying it’s very nice


It’s a great app it really grabs your attention and I think since it’s in a text message format it really is more real and gives you that excitement


Awesome but just annoyed by the fees

Great stories

Great stories! However it would be a great improvement if stories were checked and the storyline is not doubled in two “different” stories.


It doesn't even let you finish the first story before insisting that you pay, what garbage.

I agree with CayCay1551

Did I just walk into the Lrusty Krabs or what. It should have a timer. I mean the first story was awesome until I was forced to pay. It should have a tumer. I'm sorry but this is a bad chat game.

Let me

This is the worst chat app I’ve ever seen. Once you got to a certain point it forced me to pay to do anything else. And it didn’t have a homepage and wouldn’t let me read anymore stories. If it doesn’t let me read anymore in the future then I’m 100% deleting this without hesitation.


Very good app for reading interesting stuff




I hate this app. Wouldn’t let me get other stories

The haunted house

Lexi where are you I'm in a house OMG I just saw a ghost What I thought they where extinct how are they alive Dvnrjdndhfncbhdbehdbhfnbfhdhfbhcnbdhdbchb Are you there AddisON WHERE IN A HAUNTED HOUSE LEXI HUH Addison Addisons dead

Fun game, great for the kids!

It can surprisingly be interesting if you read the voices as a rapist and Kermit the Frog


Very very scary and cool👺

Great app

I luv that this is scary

Stupid subscription

Stupid that you have to pay a regular subscription. 😕



Ok ok making sense so far

Idk but it’s good spooky good

Wow. Just wow.

It stops you in the middle of a freaking story and has you pay to finish!!! What in the world!! And here I was thinking it was gonna be a good app. It doesn't even let you complete one story!


Reading this at night is probably not a good idea xD. It’s a supremely good app that gives me ideas for my writing. I would suggest this to those who love horror.

Very good

This app is a blessing






At first it was the beginner story and it was fine only occasional ad breaks and then this apps ad kept on popping up every time I tried to get to the next text and then the ad popped up again. Other than that I thought it was a good app. I suggest this game if you like wasting/spending your money.


This app is so awesome it doesn’t even need WiFi!!! So this is a 5


Good books

I love your app

I love all the stories there cool



So far, so good!

I just got this app and so far, I really like it! The font and the colors are nice and the stories are well written. So far, so good!


like this a lot 很好玩 真的来下载吧哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈女哈哈哈哈哈v

This is so cool

I love at how you have scary and funny chats on their to give everyone a good scare. When my mom looked at it she fell in love because she loves scary stories. I would suggest that you consider cheating this cool game out. My favorites are annie96 is tipping and incident. Love this game!

It's so good

I love the books so interesting

Love dis game

This is so good 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜🦄


I️ just can’t stop reading

She missing



It’s really good!👍

It’s alright

I mean there is No BIG surprise about This app...


I love it so far. I just downloaded it about 30 minutes ago, and its perfect. The only thing is those sucky ads and waits🙄 get rid of that and i’ll be 100% all the way

Best app

This is a great app! It gets you thrilled to read more once you start.

Hooked ❤️❤️

I ❤️ hooked it is so fun

Great so far

I like it so far it's very interesting!!!!💗💗💸💵💰💸💵💰


I love the horror stories and the romance to! It’s amazing and anyone who likes horror or romance OR BOTH!!! Should get this app!

The incident

It was a fantastic story and I thought I was in the story!!

Good book

This article I'm reading is really good👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Do not get!

I got the app. It started with a cool story but...... in order to finish the story, I would have to pay! Do not get the app unless you want to spend money. Very mad!


Love it


Use the app match so I don’t now

Great app!

Much better than Lure and it’s free to continuously read stories!


I love this app. It keeps me on the edge of my seat. I would totally suggest this for a thriller. My only problem is you have to buy part of it. Other tan that it's awesome


The first story was good, I liked it but then it forced me to pay witch I didn't like and was really a waste of storage

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